Home Possible agents credit 100% of the commissions to you the homebuyer

Based on an purchase price of $600,000 and a commission of 2.5% that would be a $15,000 credit back to the buyer.

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you’ll save  $10,000

The savings listed are only and estimate and vary by house. Commission paid by seller subject to change. Calculator is using and average agent commission of 2.5% of the purchase price.

Purchase price $525,000

Returned $15,750

CarpetPaintPay off debt Buy down rate

Dan paid off his car loan with a balance of $14,820 and a payment of $485 per month!

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Purchase price $775,000

Returned $19,375

CarpetPaintPay off debt New kitchen

Nina got a new kitchen.

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Purchase price $999,000

Returned $24,975

CarpetPaintPay off debt Rate buydown

Melissa was able to buy down her interest rate by 2% for a monthly savings of $1,002 per month for the first year.

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Movement Home Loans

Home Possible Real Estate has a long term relationship with Movement Home Loans, one of Utah’s premier mortgage brokers. Movement Home Loans can assist you in securing great financing for your property

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I use my credit towards my down payment?

    Unfortunately, loan guidelines do not allow buyer to use a realtor credit towards the down payment.  You can however use the credit towards closing costs or to buy down your interest rate.  

  • Do I have to use Movement Home Loans?

    Yes, in order to receive the the 100% realtor commission credit from Home Possible you are required to use Movement Home Loans to close your loan.  The credit is available on conventional, FHA, VA and USDA loans.   Movement Home Loans is a mortgage broker and so our rates and fees are already very competitive to begin with.  They have very experienced loan officers and we are confident you will have a great experience with them.

  • How do I get started?

    Just fill out the form at the top of the website and we will reach out to you ASAP to get you started!  

Save $14,375 on average when buying a home*

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